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Vessels Maintenance and Repair

Majer's Diving & Salvage definition of bottom cleaning: 

Removal of ALL marine growth, hard and soft, from ALL surfaces - waterline to keel, bow to stern, using the least abrasive means possible and having the least impact on the environment.

Clean means clean, period!
— Mike Majer, Owner / Operator

Bottom Cleaning/Zinc Replacement

Hull Cleaning

Every hull is cleaned by hand using the least abrasive pad and scraping tools as possible.  We remove all the bases or “scabs” that oysters and barnacles leave behind after their tops have been knocked off.  This sets us apart from other dive companies in the business.  Most other companies leave the scabs on and are even visible in their “after” videos posted online. This substandard practice allows the growth to return more rapidly and causes blistering.  Even the smallest irregular surface will cause cavitation leading to poor performance and higher fuel consumption.

After 30+ years experimenting with every underwater cleaning system we could find, we have concluded using a specialized pressure washer with a turbo nozzle to clean heavily fouled underwater metal and irregular surfaces to be efficient, effective and safe.  We ONLY use the pressure washer on underwater metal and NEVER on the hull of the boat.

Underwater Metal, Intakes and Irregular Surfaces

(Props, shafts, struts, intakes, bow and stern thrusters, trim tabs)

Our professional dive teams exceed in cleaning underwater metal and irregular surfaces by utilizing the pressure washer with a turbo nozzle.  The rotating water jet from the turbo nozzle creates a cavitation effect which cleans the metal surfaces that are otherwise impossible to clean by hand.  This system works especially well on folding props to clean the gear teeth.

Props without bottom paint are hand sanded with wet/dry sandpaper after they have been cleaned.  Having a professionally cleaned bottom assures top performance and optimal fuel economy. 

Zinc Replacement

Zinc replacement is a critical maintenance item not to be neglected.  With 30+ years experience, we have a high level of understanding the catholic protection system and can identify problems quickly, saving our customers money.  As part of our bottom cleaning service our professional dive teams inspect and evaluate the condition of your boats sacrificial zinc anodes.  Zincs that are determined to be past their serviceable life will be replaced.

We stock 95% of anodes commonly used on our trucks. 

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Propeller, Shaft, Rudder and Cutless Bearing Pulling & Replacement

Majer’s Diving can pull props, shaft and replace cutless bearing in the water, saving our customers money on haul out fees.  We have a reputation for being able to complete the job after other companies have tried and failed. Call us first to save time and money!

Propeller Pulling & Replacement

We own hydraulic prop pullers from 10 tons to 100 tons.  Our professional dive teams can pull and replace propellers on vessels with up to a 10” shaft in and out of the water.  We have also invested in Prop Smith™ kits up to 4½” shaft diameter.  The Prop Smith™ tools act as both a removal and installation tool and is the only tool that will work on propellers with overlapping blades.

Shaft and Rudder Pulling and Replacement

Majer’s Diving professional dive teams can safely pull propeller shafts up to 2½” in diameter and rudders while the boat is in the water.  Saving locals and transient boaters in Hilton Head and surrounding areas time and money.

Cutless Bearing Replacement

Majer’s Diving can replace cutless bearings in the water without pulling the propeller shaft.  Our professional dive teams utilize the same hydraulic tools used by the best boatyards in the business to change cutless bearings.



Thru-Hull Replacement & Installation

Save time and money on haul out fees by choosing Majer’s Diving in Hilton Head to replace existing thru-hulls or drill and install new ones.  Our proven techniques allow only a small amount of water to enter the boat.




Majer’s Diving & Salvage can conduct inspections for any of your underwater needs.  Our professional dive teams are known in Hilton Head and the Lowcountry as, “underwater problem solvers”.   If you need to see what’s going on below the surface we can provide you with a visual or written report or full underwater video inspections using H.D. video.



Mooring Installations

If you are considering mooring your vessel in Hilton Head or the Lowcountry, do not think an engine block and chain or a 55­gallon barrel with concrete is going to hold your investment.  Majer’s Diving & Salvage is an authorized Helix™ mooring system dealer and installer. We can provide you with a complete mooring system consisting of Helix, mooring chain, mooring buoy, pennant lines and all shackles and hardware.

With many anchorages turning into mooring fields, if your municipality is looking for a solution we also have bulk discounting. Helix™ mooring systems are trusted for their reliability where others fail. Whether it is for you, the boat owner, or an entire mooring field, we have a solution that will fit your needs and protect your investment.