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Sinkhole Repair / Erosion Control

Majer’s Diving & Salvage offers complete sinkhole repair solutions in Hilton Head, the Lowcountry and beyond.  Our proven systems can repair sinkholes at seawalls, retaining walls, bulkheads and in roads caused by underground pipes or erosion.

First, we identify areas where soil/sand are eroding by injecting non­hazardous dye into the sinkhole and observe where it exits. Once leaking areas are identified, repairs are made using either epoxy or expanding poly­grout which both work underwater and is environmentally safe. Once repairs have cured, we pressure inject expandable poly­grout into the sinkhole area. This grout is a soil stabilizer and mixes with the existing soil and creates a waterproof, lightweight mass which fills the void as it expands. This system plugs leaks from both the water side and the land side resulting in a 2 tier defense against future leakage and erosion. 

Our teams have worked for some familiar clients such as:

  • Windmill Harbor Marina
  • Town of Hilton Head Island
  • Long Cove Club
  • Shipyard Plantation
  • Palmetto Bay Club


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Marine Construction - Underwater Cutting & Welding

Majer’s Diving & Salvage is the go­-to company in the Lowcountry for underwater cutting and welding.  We own a full line of underwater hydraulic chainsaws, drills, impact wrenches, powered hack saws, hammer drills, grinders and many other specialty tools.  By owning these tools we can save you time and money.  We use Broco™ exothermic cutting systems, welding rods and stingers because of their known quality.  Whether contract work or government bids, our vast experience in this area has earned us the reputation of “underwater problem solvers”.


Infrastructure Diving

Majer’s Diving has extensive experience in Infrastructure diving.  We own surface supplied communication equipment that allows our teams to safely enter pipes and weir boxes to identify and repair leaks.  Our professional dive teams can install pipe plugs at construction sites, perform bridge inspections, pump and intake inspections, debris removal and dredging. 


Dock / Piling Repair

If you need dock repair, piling repair or piling encapsulation in Hilton Head or the Lowcountry look no further.  Majer’s Diving offers services that range from piling protection using Tapecoat Piling Jackets™ to full piling encapsulations with Denso™, Sea Shield™ and Fox Industries™ systems.  With over 30 years experience and extensive product knowledge Majer’s Diving can repair existing pilings without the expense of cranes, barges and pile driving equipment.  Our piling encasements are guaranteed to make the existing piling 200% stronger.  We have had proven success with clients such as Shelter Cove Marina, Wexford Plantation and Broad Creek Marina.  Give us a call to learn more about preventing piling deterioration in Hilton Head and the Lowcountry.



Since 1986, Majer’s Diving & Salvage has raised many sunken vessels in Hilton Head & the Lowcountry. Everything from small outboards to an 85’ shrimp boat with full rigging. Immediately following Hurricane Floyd in 1999, we deployed to Charleston, SC where we raised and de­watered or towed 23 boats in 7 days, raising up to 5 boats in1day. We have a total combined lift capacity of over 100,000 lbs. with our lift bags, and a combined pumping rate of over 4000 gallons per minute with our pumps.


Search and Recovery/ Metal Detecting

Majer’s Diving in Hilton Head has extensive experience in search and recovery operations of missing items.  You don’t have to surrender your lost item to Poseidon!  We have found and recovered everything from planes, trucks, boats and golf carts to watches, rings, earrings, phones, glasses, tools and much, much more.  Whether you’re on vacation in Hilton Head and lose your wedding ring at the beach or in the surf or working on your boat and drop an item overboard call Majer’s Diving. 


Golf Course Maintenance

Majer’s Diving in Hilton Head has completed projects for many golf courses along the east coast. We have done everything from recovering golf carts that have gone into water hazards to full inspection and repair of irrigation systems. We can inspect, clean out debris, repair pump wells and pond intakes. We also have two small portable dredges which we can use to dredge material away from the pond intake.